City of Tavares

Posted on: September 12, 2017

Message from the Mayor - Hurricane Irma


Hi, this is the Mayor of Tavares, Lori Pfister. I want to assure you that the city is working hard to clean up the city and restore power to everyone. I would like to share some useful information regarding this.

  • Storm Debris: We are picking up “yard waste” such as tree limbs and other vegetation related debris first. Bulk waste such as furniture, couches, fencing and appliance pick up is suspended until further notice as yard waste is being addressed first and will take several weeks. Please separate and place any storm debris where you normally place your yard waste pick-up along the side of the road in front of your home. Please ensure that it is 4 feet away from anything like trees, fences or garbage cans so the claw of the truck that picks it up can do so without running into anything. Do not bag yard waste and separate tree and leafy vegetation from bulk waste.
  • Power outage is of great concern. We are working side by side with the power companies to remove downed trees and restore power. Although we have made a lot of progress on this, it will take several days to get everyone power again. You are encouraged to report your outage directly to your service provider every morning. Duke 800-228-8435 and SECO 800-732-6141. It is recommended that you turn off your main breaker and stove so that when the power is restored it does not surge and damage your appliances. 
  • A reminder to drivers: When you approach an intersection that has an inoperative traffic light, the 4 way stop signed intersection rules apply and treat that with extreme caution. 
  • Water and sewer is of great concern too. Thus far we have been able to keep both of these services intact and running with backup generators.
  • If you have a police, fire, or medical emergency please call 911.
  • City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Regular garbage service is being provided to all of our residents except for bulk pickup.

Please know that our Police and Fire Departments will be working closely with the Lake County Emergency Operations Center to keep our residents safe.


Lori Pfister, Mayor